In early fall of 2017, Passports was built by a group of enthusiastic International Baccalaureate students and faculty at Westwood High School. After Kate Lee brought the idea of an internationally-minded creative platform for IB students, Mr. Michael Flansburgh, Ms. Stephanie Childress, Mr. Matt McBrearty, and the rest of the current team collaborated to make the idea a reality. Now operating from Westwood High School, the Passports staff strive to stay true to the vision.


The name “Passports” comes from one of the first names of the International Baccalaureate program: International Passport to Higher Education. Along with the founders of IB, we continue to see the IB Diploma Programme not only as a great journey as an individual, but as a collective journey to a more peaceful, thoughtful world. We hope that Passports can help to connect us through that journey.