The Festival

Param Tahilramani

Podar International School (Mumbai, India)

It may have been the festival of lights,

But what truly made it complete

Was the flooding sound of delights.

In from the windows, doors, and rooms

As the crackers burst in a swarm of wows

For each man, woman, and child.

The celebration livened in a cacophonous joy

And unleashed the vibrant wild.

If sound possessed colour

This place would be RGB

And I sit and watch this flame flicker

And wonder why couldn't it be

This festival to me, is no celebration of light

But instead an opportunity to connect

With what makes the ordinary so special.

Yes, the stuff we overlook and forget.

Your mother summoning you again

To help around the house.

The crackers along the street,

Children around it like a game of cat and mouse

Your cousins pouring in one by one

That house bell has never seen such a crowd.

The only thing louder is the laughter

And "oh you've become so tall. I'm proud."

As we sit around and begin to pray,

The bells fill up the air.

Ringing and chiming along to the words,

There is no love left to spare.

The love among us all

It bursts in this joyous season.

Make this a celebration not of light,

But the sounds without which life has no reason

Param Tahilramani is an individual that possesses a unique upbringing which involved being born and brought up in the Middle East, yet growing in his hometown of Mumbai. After experimenting with a variety of hobbies and interests, he found solace in the expressive capabilities of poetry and photography.