Will to Kill

Siddhant Iyer

Podar International School (Mumbai, India)

As I look at my past,

Wondered how it flied so fast.

Imagined when I of my youth,

Still I yearn to find truth.

Framed I was with beings,

Squalid were those thoughts,

at a distance it didn’t seem,

but immutably robbed was my dream.

Educated I was about life,

sliced the petals of a flower I did with knife.

Reassured was I about my fate,

that ‘Jannat’ I would reach and hatred I must mate.

Walked I did with an arched chest,

strength in my hand, I was blest,

used I did to destroy caves,

stored are innocents in my den as slaves.

Scared of death! Never I was,

induced I did in others.

Several graves built, I, the cause,

never considered them as brothers.

My mind is a factory of morbidity,

its smoke polluting the world.

My actions, at the zenith of insanity,

here comes the fire, under which am I murled.

Now when I think of the present,

I walk my life with resent,

Recalling the poisonous hay of my sin,

Here I am, behind bars, like a garbage in a bin.

Siddhant Iyer is a nature lover, biologist who yearns to write and read effective poems. In his poems, he tries to delve into the mind of the narrator conveying the thoughts to the readers .