Sanchit Ruia

Podar International School (Mumbai, India)

have you ever felt empty

like a meaningless well

that devours all of its feelings

and keeps it empty still

have you ever felt light

lighter than a feather

like there is a hole in your heart

your conscious feels gone

like it’s sucked in a dark hole


it’s not due to love

not because of pain

nor in the passing away of a close one


your empty

you feel nothing

words  . don't hurt you

actions dont pain

but all that remains

is a deep dark emptiness

Darker than charcoal

no cure exists

it’s Iike standing still on a dark stormy night

all alone


no one laugh with

no one to cry with

but the silence in the air and the sound of the gushing wind.  

Sanchit is a citizen of Mumbai with hobbies like playing Football, Basketball and handball which he as played the inter school and district.