Her Last Word

Aryan Dhar

Podar International School (Mumbai, India)

The Sun descends below the horizon, a disconcerting red ball beleaguered by diabolical forces. A woman cries, clutching her child's hands, as obnoxious, crepuscular shades blemish the sunken sky. A man’s wicked laugh ECHOES through the desolate desert.

“Night has approached” her five-year-old whimpers. In an ephemeral moment, hope flies by, but this isn’t an ordinary night, it is one of those perdurable nights that has plagued the lives of many.

The memories coalesce into a legend of grief, sentiments of the unheard buried, their tears forming the colophon of a book. The first page opens:

A cacophony of bullets and explosions are heard, Terrorized dunes are witnessed, Centuries of legacies and heritage Annhilated. Tainted by a menacing shade of black, the words are written.

Rubble is all that survives, all that there is. In a land of disillusioned armies and unrevealed chronicles, Clouds asphyxiate those on land and

Missiles rain through the hollow roofs of the innocent. A HOWLING tempest of silent cries follow. “The shades of darkness have taken over,” the woman repeats. Panting. Perspiration. Prayers.

The storm clears, the woman looks to her far right, the flames paralyzing memories. Memories that are not of evanescence. She braces for the next.

A star glimmers, specks of light brightening her tanned, soot-cloaked face. Tears cascade down her cheeks, The moon’s light shines bright.

Everyday, Hope, comes and goes, Light, comes and goes, But in the moon’s milky glory, Something floats, waiting to rejuvenate the sordid atmosphere.

“PEACE,” she whispers. Her last kiss on the forehead of a five-year-old, her last breath follows. Darkness continues its tyranny, alas, One day maybe her son will bask, on the scintillating shores of peace.

Aryan Dhar is a dreamer and an inventor. He often remains quiet, afraid to hurt other people’s feelings at the expense of his own. He loves programming, Mathematics, and staring into the beautiful nothingness of the universe while pondering upon seldom-thought thoughts.