Construct the End

Siddhant Iyer

Podar International School (Mumbai, India)

The most beautiful sphere of universe,

Nature, ocean and the recent man, all its elements,

This sphere known to us as Earth,

Is accused of being a criminal!

Nature, the root of life, a protagonist,

And man, the devil, with the solemn aim of exploit.

never has he seen the better nor the consequence,

self was all that mattered- wars and ammunition,

slayed specks of nature, besieged it.

No wonder, the gashes mother has received,

Showed even her rage and protest,

still man has continued on the merry way.

The blemish on the beguile nature turns irrevocable, but,

Are the blunders mended, or still alive is the will to slay?

Inevitable is death, sure to knock doors one day,

Savage by man has opened them.

Nothing matters for his soul; greed and egoism prevails his conscience,

Materialism gets introduced by evolution of thoughts, affects life.

On the name of development, flowed have these morals down the drain, once that was aired on.

Shameful is the physics of life having to produce such demons.

‘O man! Have thy reflected on thine actions?’, I ask habitually.

Ashes of such questions erupt from the volcano of my mind, shooting accusingly at man.

Think I do that inhuman would it be to call modern man a human.

Never have I seen such creatures,

Harmless beings suffer and eventually dissolve away,

Legs and arms severed for self,

Sold they are in the market for earnings,

not money but sin!

Trees, the roots of life,

their legs amputated for timber,

now incapable has it become to support life.

stripped it is, till the last atom of wood, boiling the Earth even more.

Distressed have I been post viewing the scene.

If such an unholy act continues, then,

Foresee do I the future of mankind, will not last another centum year,

Wiped of will it be in totality, not even a cell would be fossilized!

Siddhant Iyer is a nature lover, biologist who likes to write and work towards the conservation of nature. He holds the will to fight for animals and attempts to feel attached to them.