A Blank Sheet of Paper

Aryan Dhar

Podar International School (Mumbai, India)

Occasionally it strikes me,

That I have no one, That I am no one, That I am simply a blank sheet of paper,

Blank, Empty of words, Empty of emotions, And Empty of actions.

Who am I?

An explorer, an inventor or a writer? Perhaps, I don’t know yet. I simply wait until time inches.

Wait. Blankly. For someone or something to write on me.

My shape and color don’t define me, It’s what’s written on me that does! The story, whether written in hideous pink or elegant blue is what I should be, Not anything else!

Your identity is the story on a blank sheet of paper just like mine, It’s not what height or what orientation it is.

It’s what’s written on it, That’s who I am, That’s who you are, A blank sheet of paper with a story waiting to be told.

Aryan Dhar is a dreamer and an inventor. He often remains quiet, afraid to hurt other people’s feelings at the expense of his own. He loves programming, Mathematics, and staring into the beautiful nothingness of the universe while pondering upon seldom-thought thoughts.