Words by HIM

Abhishek Karve

Podar International School (Mumbai, India)

You call from your happening world

To my ethereal prison,

You call to me.

Failure and poverty are man's burdens

When you experience them,

You call to me.

Sickness and pain are the body's hurts

When you suffer them,

You call to me.

Hatred and jealousy are the soul's corruption

When you feel them,

You call to me.

Happiness, love and content are life's reward

For your and your fellows' work.

When you cherish them you are blind to me.

Look around you and see.

The peace that you see is me.

Released from my ethereal prison,

There is no need for you to call to me.

No need for you to call to me.

Abhishek is an IBDP student currently (2018) studying in the eleventh grade in India. He aspires to become a physicist but also has a keen eye for good poetry and other literary works.  This passion has driven him to read and write poems, stories and essays.