Mia Gerrmann

International School of Stuttgart (Stuttgart, Germany)

Carrie rose through the sky

A sparkling twinkle in her eye

Past planets, stars and lights she soared

Her dreams consumed her oh once more

‘Mummy, that’s what I want to be’

Carrie looked up and smiled with glee

‘Darling girl the future is bright

Over the sea and into the night

Then our life will be just right’

Her worried eyes searched those of her child

Where she saw joy, shadowed with fright.

We boarded the boat with hundreds alike

No order, no respect, just rushing and fights

The clear, dark sky empty but one

A star so bright it mirrored the sun

Mummy pointed and whispered in my ear

‘This star shall guide us, do not fear’

And as icy winds grabbed at my top

A contrast to the fire hot gunshots

I hugged close to Mummy, all strong, all fierce

She, my hero whom trouble could not pierce.

The boats, surrounded by black

Swayed and tipped forwards and back

A scream. A cry. Of someone close by

Sang me into an eternal lullaby

As I plunged into the vastness, cold and wet

I clung to Mummy every last breath.

Now I can be of what I have dreamed.

As close to the stars as I’ll ever be.

Mia, born in Germany and raised in the UK, has been enrolled in the IB for her entire educational life. She writes as a form of expression, a quick escape from daily life.