Lost and Found

Mia Gerrmann

International School of Stuttgart (Stuttgart, Germany)

It’s funny the way we never know we are lost

Until we are found.

It’s funny how the world keeps turning

The wind keeps blowing

The birds keep chirping

And life keeps living.

But you aren’t smiling

And you wish someone would look you in the eyes

And see the pain, the agony that tears through your body

That keeps your blood pumping and your lungs breathing

Because otherwise how would you live?

But would you die knowing that the earth keeps turning?

The wind keeps blowing?

The birds keep chirping?

And life keeps living?

A lost man has been known to play mindless games

But are you really lost if you haven’t been found?

I haven’t been found

Does that mean I’m not lost?

Or are these whirlwind emotions meant to be?

But quite honestly

This poem is as lost as me

And I’ll never be around to see

The person that I’m meant to be

So if I’m not lost and I haven’t been found

Who am I?

Mia, born in Germany and raised in the UK, has been enrolled in the IB for her entire educational life. She writes as a form of expression, a quick escape from daily life.