My madness

Giovanna Skoufalou

HAEF (Athens, Greece)

What does a quiet mind sound like

What does it do

When it meets a wild one

Does it explode?


Το μυαλό σου το χάνεις μετά από τρεις ώρες πρόβα

Που λες την ίδια ατάκα

Ξανά και ξανά

Μέχρι η σκέψη σου να ματώσει

Απο το καρφί που σου καρφώνει την ιδέα

Λέξεων άχρηστων



What does the art of a man who has loved feel like

What colors is the palette stained with

Is it wet from the paint

Or dry and sore?


Τον εαυτό σου τον βρίσκεις μετά από τρεις φορές που θα πονέσεις

Που στο εγώ σου θα φωνάζεις

«ού φονεύσεις»

Μέχρι να πέσει στο κενό

Και από τα απόνερα του σκότους να λουστείς

Εώς ότου μόνος σου να πνιγείς


Translation of the Greek stanzas:

You lose your mind after three hours of rehearsal

After saying the same line

Again and again

Until your thoughts bleed

From the hammer hammering you with the idea

Of useless words

You find yourself after three times that you’ll get hurt

When you’ll tell yourself to not kill

Until you fall

As then the dark will shower you

Until you drown

Giovanna in her own words: Poetry has always been a way  which my soul feeds itself, it has become  way for me to communicate with some subconscious parts of myself that a few years ago I did not even know existed. 

I wrote this poem after one of my evening rehersals for my school's drama club. Half of it is in english and half of it is in Greek, that is why I also wrote the translation of the Greek part in the end. It is about the nature of an artist; one who has suffered becomes an artist once they express themselves and thus they become infinite. We are all artists. A good artist is not one who has exceptional skills, bt one who does not fear to express themselves.