War made us Savages

Noura Nawras

Al-Hussan International School (Khobar, Saudi Arabia)

War made us savages.

It completely took away our sanity,

And gave us insanity.

Is this how it's always been?

Because I can't remember the last time I walked down these streets feeling fearless.

I can't remember the last time I came to town with ease.

I can't remember going home with a smile on my face.

I can't remember the last time I cried when I had to leave.

I can't remember...

I can't.


I thought we knew better than any other country in the world,

But, my my, the universe never fails to disappoint.

I thought with all the health and wealth we had, we had enough...

But war made us savages.

War made us want more, and more, and more

Till there was nothing left.

Then we chose to salvage from each other.

And that's when all hell broke loose.


I now cry at the scenes of what had been a beautiful town.

Happy people, happy lives, happy world

Where there was a place to love and fall in love.

But war made us savages.

This immense love turned to hate,

And we started stabbing others in the back,

Our spine couldn't hold so we fell apart.

Like the petals of a dead rose that has been dying for weeks

Except for us it was years.


I now walk these streets with fear,

I now I am happy to leave this ghost town,

I now stroll these cities with the fear of a dead petal dropping on me,

I now fear I would fall under someone else's mistake,

War made us savages.

And I don't know how will we ever recover...

Photographer, musician, and artist, Noura Nawras brings a new perspective to the world. At the ripe age of 17, she has used words and music to give you a glance of what goes on through her mind and pictures to see through her eyes.