Bianca Matthews

Turner Fenton Secondary School (Ontario, Canada)

The voice, like thunderous missiles to the purity in my mind

Back and forth between the idea it has planted in me

A foe who despises the very thought of my existence on earth

What is life, if we can’t bask in the glory

What is glory?

The voice has taken every sense of that word away

Laying in my dark and desolate chambers every solemn day,

Praying for it to go away


I will not surrender to the hell you have imposed on me

I want to fight with all of my might

Because this endless war has inflicted,

Such a fright,

When I look like such a sight

 Rocking back and forth


And back



     Just maybe……....

Is the voice right?

Should I end this misery tonight?


The voice has entangled me,

Confused me,

Almost consumed me

Who will win,

Who will lose

Should I let the voice choose?

The voice sets bombs in my brain,

Trying to make me go insane

Because my mind,

Is a battlefield

Bianca Matthews is a grade 11 student at Turner Fenton Secondary School in Ontario Canada! Her past times include playing sports, reading books, watching Greys Anatomy and lastly, writing poetry. She finds that poetry is an amazing way to express sentiments that are hard to express verbally.