Lilith Foster-Collins

Exeter College (Exeter, Great Britain)

My mind is a cloudy day; overcast,

Swirling with thoughts that will not linger,

But drift; a never-ending stream of words.

Grey- no fire to burn, no light to glow-

No pain, but no joy either-

All cold, all empty.

Ash- with embers of a past life,

Of half-forgotten memories

And long remembered hopes;

I float, in this state

Between existing and not existing,

Between life and death,

Between breathing and drowning;

I choke on dreams,

Burn on a pyre of the past,

Spit blood of wounds that have yet to be made.

People pass me by

But they are no more than shadows;

Charcoal, slate, silver, dust-

They hover and swarm

Obscuring the sun

Filling my surroundings with a cavernous still

That hints at peace, but lies.

And my soul is this landscape

And the land is my soul.


Lilith Foster-Collins is a first year student studying at Exeter College who enjoys reading and writing fiction and poetry in her spare time.