The Christmas Truce

Yousef Amr Atta

Modern English School Cairo (Cairo, Egypt)

It was a gloomy Christmas evening,

And 1914 was the year,

The soldiers waddled through a sea of dirt and blood,

Faces lacking a Christmas cheer,


The trenches, from Passchendaele to Colmar,

Were rivers of death and despair,

Inside, the lives and limbs of soldiers withered away,

And outside, the taste of gunpowder and gas filled the air,


Yet however, across no man’s land,

The Germans approached, without arms, bearing only a plan,

‘Away with this war’, they said, ‘Let us do something grand’,

As they sang songs about beer and fatherland,


They came bearing gifts, something for every sod,

And then they proposed something quite odd,

‘It is only proper of us’, one officer began to proclaim,

‘That we end this grizzly year with a football game!’


We merrily agreed, if only we knew,

The Germans would beat us 3-2,

We accepted this defeat, no need for a fight,

And with our newfound friends, we sang and drank through the Christmas night,


We went back to our trenches, after our goodbyes were said,

On the day after Christmas, I shot a German through the head.


Yousef Amr Atta is a Egyptian IB student enrolled at Modern English School Cairo. Currently in DP11, he was born on 1st September 2001 in Giza, Egypt and is an enthusiastic learner with an interest in history and economics. Literature and poetry are among his favorite cultural subjects.