Shubhi Raghav

Pathways World School Noida (Noida, India)

Upon another night’s view

of the mountain across the lake

I found a feeling new

the uniformity darkness can make

The mountain filled with trees

indistinguishable like a single crease

While in a single frame

not one is tame

Yet none appear alone

I wish my people too

would unite when grief prevails

lend a hand to those who fail

but they choose to let despair

continue the legacy of this cruel fair


I see the stars brim

each star hitched to a tree

like a memory to a soul

shining without reflections, free

allowed the emotion to take it’s toll

I wish my people too

would let their moments be

no wavering, no pestering

just see what they see

untouched by the black lake

and the distortions darkness can make


I see twinkles shimmering across

like a candy does to a child

here hopes and dreams you will find

of the ones we choose to call unfortunate

met the world with set in stone fate

But the trees, they shared it all

every inch of land, no name to call

stood by, the young, the old, the oak, the pine

their motto’s the same line

I wish my people too

would live their lives the same way

so much time we seem to pay

as we live by rules we didn’t make


I see the sun rise

like an egg hatches

Each tree under it’s light, different

with feathered leaves and twisted branches

I watch it all, reverent

dancing their way to the sunlight

one step at a time

breaking through the air, a treasured might

growing till the end, like a rhyme

I wish my people too

would choose the trail to follow

rather than walk on patterns hollow

never stopping, never static

free from the shackles of tactics,

trying to be beautiful,

when beauty is in the viewer’s eyes

disappointed sighs, a pathetic demise

You sit terrified of what they’ll think

They sit terrified of what you’ll think


I wish my people too

could see the world from my eyes

would come together, as time flies

and change it all one day

and change it all someday...

till then I sit

engulfed by the water

waiting for the moment fit

and waiting for the stew to get hotter.


Shubhi Raghav is an IBDP student who takes great joy in writing poetry, as it helps her express her views better. She became a published poet in the year 2016 when "The golden despair", a poetry anthology, which is a collection of 30 poems by her, came out.