Deserve to Fly

Shubhi Raghav

Pathways World School Noida (Noida, India)

Sat upon the ledge, as bird,

still remained silent, my words,

I wonder what my twinkle in the sky,

my lark that can beat the fly,

wanted to hear in the dark,

doubts that could blind my lark…


Oh little girl of new water river,

do step forward when the note quivers.

Sewer street still whispers defeat

but you have a promise to keep.

Forget the disheartening lies, spitted about little girls

wear the velvet, let the feathers shine;

the ambition running in your veins must unfurl.

Take on tyrants, let yourself breathe

because you have places to see.

Strangers only sought simple solutions,

don’t step back when you’re in neck deep.

Oh little girl of gardens and mystery  


View the world from my eyes,

you won’t hear your screams and cries.

It sells all potions not just one,

never tells you the wrong you’ve done.

It views us with eyes like a knife,

never ceases, never fails, to cut us.

It’s a sinking ship, unaware of the strife,

Be bold, be brave, because it will always hurt us.


View yourself from my eyes,

you’ll see the making of a miracle.

She broke all her chains, not just one,

never dictated, wills of mind are done.

She views the enemies’ views with disregard,

never ceases, never fails, to fight them.

She’s a running revolution, it’s no game, no cards,

Be ready, to face, my little lark.


It is in our nature to compare;

the weight, the goods and the fare,

Like a psychic I know it to be true-

You my little girl deserve to fly

just as much as any little boy

Like the sky you can take upon hues-

You my little girl deserve to fly

just as much as any little boy.

The struggle, the strength and the sweat;

isn’t it in our nature to care?


Your feet treading with confusion,

as you walk through the hall of injustice…

A bubble, the progress, a mere illusion?

Crimes against us have been committed-

One had her dignity striped off

Another unborn’s life taken in a scoff

One had her rights carved out

Another abused so she fears the shouts

One treated like a pig

Another called a cow…

I too wonder my little girl-

where is the disgust, in our nature now?


I fear for you little lark;

disturbing shadows lurk in the dark,

pretentious gentlemen in the light

terrify you till you have no might!

Oh little girl if only I could decorate,

your life with little treasures,

rid you of all precautionary measures!

The toil of bitter words

and even bitter actions

Survival comes not easy for a woman…

But as real as my heart beat is, I know

You my little girl deserve to fly

just as much as any little boy

just as much as any man


The bird’s eyes curious

as I resumed reality,

my little girl sat furious,

ready to fight, totality.


Shubhi Raghav is an IBDP student who takes great joy in writing poetry, as it helps her express her views better. She became a published poet in the year 2016 when "The golden despair", a poetry anthology, which is a collection of 30 poems by her, came out.