Autumn's Waltz

Samuel D'avila

Westwood High School (Austin, TX)

For dusk dances on the horizon,

a color so vibrant as to reflect the fall:

Scarlet reds dashing streaks across the ground,

Stunning yellows glow,

and the oranges blend, mix into the patches sewed.


Banners bounce on breezes

signaling the color, the changes, the nature

of passing life. A shifting perspective that






Air is still ‘n’ stiff with droplets of the mustiest smell:

Leaves that crack, snap, and crunch with the coming season,

that litter the ground. Wailing winds flow swiftly, following

the pause,         and join a lovely union with fall.


A waltz of leaves twirling about in such a darling fashion:

A step of grace, swoon in face, delicate placement of the hand,

an encirclement, a wrap, a garment to match,

and they waltzed from dawn till dusk.


Sweet were the sounds that filled the ears with inteligible phrase.

Lips pursed with a smooch,

Caressing to the grave.

Wine, burst, poured from lips of the jolly night; sow the seeds of fall’s burden

before they are to go.


For the air is ripe to dance.

A beat, so fresh, to not ignore.


Samuel D'Avila is currently a senior at Westwood High School (Austin, TX, USA) and an avid participant in his school community. He enjoys the humanities and plans to attend university for anthropology at either University of Texas at Austin or Saint John's University in Santa Fe New Mexico.