Mariam Salem

Al Faris International School (Riyadh, Saudi Arabia)

I dwell in the seas of my own imagination

I constantly plunge around searching for an explanation

My infrequent rage is my storm's favourite infatuation

My crashing waves aren't silenced by devastation

I drown to the core of my dreams with no hesitation

I connect the stars of my emotions like a constellation

Writing is my starvation, Music is my salvation

The creatures around me flood me with fascination

My ocean of blood, sweat and tears is almost a mutation

In its saltiness, I find my inspiration

Meeting the shore has been the worst confrontation

Because of the sharp seashells that drive me into frustration

The rumble of the surfs whisper in a soft conversation

Murmuring that I've been born in the wrong generation


Mariam Salem, born on the 26th of August, began her writing expedition at the age of 7 in exploration of her true inner self. It was around that age that other arts journeys started too. In an encounter of who she is, she was definite of what she wanted to be. She grew up determined with a strong will of flying to her dreams unconditionally. Mariam considers every poem a step closer to her goals. Her poetry might seem about dreams or death but mysteriously communicates a deeper symbolic meaning if deconstructed.