Mariam Salem

Al Faris International School (Riyadh, Saudi Arabia)

All these eyes

All these souls

All these lies

All these goals

All this fire

All this blame

All this friendship empires

All this flame


Crystal tears slice through my skin

And land in my lap

I gaze at them and begin

Questioning how to fill that 6-foot gap

I shut my eyes gently making a map

Of how to escape this everlasting trap


You've all let me down

I made you king

I granted you this life-long friend crown

While I cried, you began to sing

You pushed me down you began to swing

My emotions were winter, yours were spring

Like two unfortunate wedding rings

Like two birds with one wing

One falls, the other watches

Like hope ropes with burnt strings


You fooled me with your presence

How did you dare!

You promised you were my only chance

But you weren't even there!


The ocean sang me to sleep

As the shore sand soothed me away

It said there's nothing in this world we can keep

It said there's nothing in this world that will stay


I sat up and awaited the moon's reply

As it hummed for me to let go

It said not all friends will aid you fly

It scolded me not to feel low


My vehement gaze diverted to the stars

They winked and blinked although very far

They told me not all friends are the way they are

They told me to hurry and heal these scars


All together they whispered that even if I wait a lifetime

I should never quit awaiting my partner-in-crime

For you'll find the stars to your moon

The song to your tune

The rhythm to your croon

The sunset to your noon

Await it as it occurs soon


In light strokes, I scribbled my wish in the sand

Every now and then, the ocean swooshing and whooshing my hand


“A friend that is real, that will stay

A friend that is trustworthy, that will never betray

A friend understanding every word that slips of my tongue and decays

A friend of truth guiding my way

A friend of love with a bond that will never fray

A friend of life and death, together along the way

A friend that weeps my tears, laughs my grins, struggles my hardships, deplores my loss, glorifies my victory, stays up my nights, believes in my dreams, walks my steps, supports my choices, misses me in my absence and stands in my shoes all day

I wish for a friend that will truly mourn my death as I forever lay”

The sky beamed at me and smiled

“You've gone a long way, child”

“Halt your tears before you go blind”

“Not all friends are the same kind”

“Some are thorny roses, others are refined”

“Just use your heart and mind”


Ten friends don't matter if they're all untrue

Nine are nothing if they don't believe in you

Eight are inexistent if together you never grew

Seven are invisible if they make you feel blue

Six are poison if they spoil your life too

Five are strangers If about you they don't have a clue

Four are few if they watch you fall through

Three are mistaken if they push you out of the view

Two are perfect of only two

One is lonely only you...

For a friend to enjoy your eternity,

They have to be about quality not quantity

You'll never realize how these numbers are empty


After everything you gave,

A friend you save

Will always stand by your grave

Ice wind blew and embraced me

“You're your only one and will forever be”

"Don't wait around for someone to set you free"

Suddenly my heart began to ache

The ocean altering to a lake

I must survive this dream, I can't awake

The moon started to crack and break

The sky began melting like chocolate on cake

The stars started falling like snowflakes

The shore started to shake like an upcoming earthquake

I grasped the sand trying to save what I can take


Everything slowly vanishing into thin air

This is more than I can bear

I recollected reality and deeply inhaled in

I fluttered my eyes open to see where I've been

In front of my window, in my small room

'There is nothing in this world we can keep'

In front of my window, in my dark tomb

'There is nothing in this world that will stay'

In front of my window, in my unending doom…

My vision got darker and faded to grey

'I wish for a friend that will truly mourn my death as I forever lay'

Mariam Salem, born on the 26th of August, began her writing expedition at the age of 7 in exploration of her true inner self. It was around that age that other arts journeys started too. In an encounter of who she is, she was definite of what she wanted to be. She grew up determined with a strong will of flying to her dreams unconditionally. Mariam considers every poem a step closer to her goals. Her poetry might seem about dreams or death but mysteriously communicates a deeper symbolic meaning if deconstructed.