Those Kids

Sarp Armagan Demiral

GEMS Wellington Academy Silicon Oasis (Dubai, United Arab Emirates)


I wonder what those kids

Are doing right now.


Are they lying beneath cracked

Ceilings, stargazing

Through tiny bullet holes,

Pondering if the searing rain

Will ever cease?


Are they breathing dust,

Staying in rooms full of rust?

Forgotten childhood memories

Where things were just;

Now, everything must

Seem so bleak

To their teary eyes.


The human thing within

Clenches when I think,

Windows grow foggy

As I blink - I’m sorry,

I say as I go to sleep;

Wondering why I have

Actual windows to watch

The shooting stars.


17 years might not seem like a fulfilled and experienced life, but rest assured that Sarp Armagan Demiral has garnered a whole lot of perspective; from books written by Haruki Marukami to anthologies written by Nazim Hikmet, he has lived many a life. Now, he aims to make others live theirs.