May I Take a Seat

Sarp Armagan Demiral

GEMS Wellington Academy Silicon Oasis (Dubai, United Arab Emirates)


Razor blades in our veins;

We spend nights cuddling

With our heart pains,

Staring out of darkened window


Contemplating thoughts that

Rest within our drawer planes.


These thoughts

Fall from dying stars,

Losing all of their light.

Smashing against the toy cars

We had when we weren’t scared

Of the night.

They sit with us when we eat,

Talk, and mostly sleep.

We wish our food to taste sweet,

But they only char as we float off of

Our feet. -


May I take a seat,

Hold you down from

Your wrists,

Shape those hands

Into fists,

Turn the lights on

So I can show you

A few of life’s gifts?


I promise you,

It will only take a moment;

One worth a lifetime.


17 years might not seem like a fulfilled and experienced life, but rest assured that Sarp Armagan Demiral has garnered a whole lot of perspective; from books written by Haruki Marukami to anthologies written by Nazim Hikmet, he has lived many a life. Now, he aims to make others live theirs.