Sarp Armagan Demiral

GEMS Wellington Academy Silicon Oasis (Dubai, United Arab Emirates)


Sometimes, youth is one’s bane,

A forgetful mass of skin, a clawing

Disfigured hand mixed among

The flowers one brings to a desolate



All the time, old age wishes for

Someone to take them somewhere

Else, far away from this desolate

Place. A call, just a call to make

Their day.


Oh, I forget. I forget so much though,

But I called today,

And I hope you were happy

To hear the voice

That loved you since the time

It was uttered.


I hope that I won’t have to wait

For a call when I too become

The petals that have fallen.

I hope that I will hear the sigh

Of the incipient wind

Against my cheek every now

And again.

And I hope to tell its breeze

Of stories when I was

Forgetful of the sea’s call. -


And make sure that it knows

Of how I became the very sea

That I used to forget. -


Live life like you’ve missed

The smell of sea salt,

And the gray of its sky,

For you mustn’t regret

All those missed calls

When you too become the water,

And walk all of its lonely halls.


17 years might not seem like a fulfilled and experienced life, but rest assured that Sarp Armagan Demiral has garnered a whole lot of perspective; from books written by Haruki Marukami to anthologies written by Nazim Hikmet, he has lived many a life. Now, he aims to make others live theirs.