Intersections of Art and Society: Eesha Agrawal

We recently published some incredible artwork by Eesha, and asked her to write a short piece discussing the relationship between her work and society. Here are her words: 


Can wisdom emerge through dialogue or is it self-generated? During my interactions with artist Jitish Kallat, I realized that my art had answered this question for me.  I discovered that I was driven to create art that not only expresses my deep, personal sentiments but also integrates the thoughts and emotions I experience when engaging with the broader community and society in which I live.

I want my artwork to bring alive transformational experiences in my life’s journey while also providing a broader social message. While working with the sculptor Arzan Khambatta, I realized the innumerable aspects that one needs to keep in mind when representing sensitive issues through art in a socially responsible manner. One of the key challenges that India is grappling with is that of mental illness which very often remains untreated due to the stigma associated with it. My artwork, ‘Bipolar Beauty’, inspired by the suffering of a close family member, depicts the debilitating effect of Bipolar Disorder. I combined the static, real nature of photography with the kinetic abilities of a Rubik’s cube, to create an artwork the audience could interact with, thus creating both awareness about this illness and empathy with its sufferers. Social themes form a common thread through my body of work, which depicts universal issues such as the temporary nature of relationships, cultural backgrounds, poverty, etc. In my artwork, I have sought to integrate multiple media, art-making forms and technology to effectively visualize my own journey and create new sensory and emotional experiences for the viewer.